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Dispersant Modified copolymer dispersant with acid group Santol's modified copolymer dispersant with acid groups has excellent compatibility, good wetting dispersibilty for inorganic pigments, fillers.
Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid Polymer Dispersant Santol's products have good wetting dispersibility, even no need to add anti-setting agent for matte powder, glass powder and other inorganic paint and with high transparency.
High Polymer Polyester Dispersant Good wetting dispersibility, good anti-viscosity effect.
High Polymer Polyurethane Containing Anchoring Groups Suitable for high level systems, and it has good matching with the commonly used coating resin, good versatility in coating systems. It can improve the wetting dispersibility of pigments, reduce viscosity, enhance liquidity. shorten grinding time with excellent anti-aggregation ability. For wetting dispersant of small molecules, it can significantly improve the storage stability of paste.
Polyacrylate Block Copolymer Containing Anchoring Groups Good wetting dispersibility in black carbon and organic pigments, it can shorten gringding time, lower viscosity and improve the stability of the toner.
Polyester Organic Silicone Dispersant Excellent wetting dispersibility, excellent anti-flooring effect.
Oleylamine Dispersant Good dispersibility for organic pigments and low pigmentum of carbon black, it can improve wetting dispersibility, lower viscosity, keep the stability of toner with high solids and cost-effective property.
Levelling agent The Acrylate /Modified Fluorine Acrylate It can reduce the surface tension, improve substrates' wettability, promote levelling, prevent the shrinkage cavity.
Polyether Organic Silicone Levelling Agent It can reduce the surface tension, improve the substrates' weetability, improve the surface smoothness, promote levelling, prevent the shrinkage cavity.
Anti-settling agent Polyamide Wax Slurry Added directly, it also can be made into pulp, which is easily dispersed in small particle size with excellent thickening thixotropy and anti-setting effect. 568 has lighter color and smaller particle size.
Polyethylene Wax Slurry Added directly with excellent thickening thixotropy, excellent anti-setting effect, good fineness and promoting the aligmentof powder.268 has high solids, bigger grain size which need to grind.
Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Copolymer Added directly so as to improve the directional aligment of metal powder, it can increase brightness and metal feeling of coatings.
Scratch Resistant Wax Slurry modified wax dispersoid, easily dispersed with narrow particle size distribution, smooth hand feeling. In the solvent system, it is a good substitute for micro powder wax with high hardness and good transparency. 35F contains PTFE, having better wear resistance and temperature tolerance.
Touch Wax Slurry Super smothness and liquidity on the film, it can increase the scratch resistance and hardness with excellent wettability on substrate, high transparency and low additive amount.
Drier Modified Organic Ammonia Promoting the reaction between polyurethane and isocyanate, it is usually used for primer, shortening the time of drying with low odor. LR801 has a quicker drying speed with stimulating odor.
Organic Tin Rapidly promoting the reaction of resin and hardener, it can promote the surface desiccation, help to improve the fullness and hardness.
Adhesive Agent Glass Paint Adherence Promoters Amino Silane
Epoxy Silane
Baking Paint Adherence Promoters Modified Polyester
Multifuctional Modified Polyester
Epoxy Phosphate
The Silane Modified polyester
PP Substrate Adherence Promoters Modified Chorinateed Polypropylene
Special functional additives Covering Smell Agent Solvent based covering smell agent uses the interaction technology of the masking agent and the modified flavor, which can cover the unpleasant smell of the solvent in the paint ink, releasing a lasting, pleasant smell.
Wear Resistance Agent STY-M Wear resistance agent SYT-M is a kind of special wear resistant inert particle, with high hardness, high wear resistance and anti-fouling performance. It acts as the skeleton when adding to coatings, improving the scratch resistance of wood painting.
Matt Pulp STY-20 Matt pulp STY-20 suitable for all kinds of oil paint, is a kind of dispersible polymer polyethylene wax slurry, with excellent extinction effect.
Wax Slurry AW-16B Wax slurry AW-16B can produce super smooth handfeel and fluidity to super film, increase the scratch resistance and permanent hardness, good wettability and low effect to transparency.
Dehydrating Agent PUS PUS is a kind of special active monomer. It can extract moisture from coatings or curing agent in case many disadvantages to the existence of water.
Compound Anti-Yellowing Agent HF-WUT After coating into film, the paint film turning yellow, powdery to fall off due to various factors outside, adding composite stability HF-WUT to paint film can reduce and obstruct the bad inflence of paint, prolong the service life of the film.
Leveling Anti-oil and Anti-hole Agent ST435 The oil resistance agent ST-435 is a levelling and smoothing agent for polyester modified polydimethylsiloxane containing hydroxyl, which has excellent temperature resistance and recoatability.
Crack Agent STM-20 Good Perfomance with the effect of crack
Anti-Oil Agent ST500 Anti oil agent ST-500 is the modified polydimethylsiloxane, with good heat resistance, excellent smoothness, levelling and releasing.
Electrostatic coating conductive agent EA-48 Electrostatic coating conductive agent EA-48 can effectively reduce the resistance of the coating, with strong conductive ability, which can be compared with the lower polarity benzene solvent.
Cooling Agent WTU is a closed sulfonate paint curing accelerator can reduce the baking temperature and shorten the baking time.
Anti-Yellowing Agent HF-WUTS After coating into film, the paint film turning yellow, powdery to fall off due to various factors outside, adding composite stability HF-WUTS to paint film can reduce and obstruct the bad inflence of paint, prolong the service life of the film.
Green agent STP-10 The green agent STP-10 is the ionic activator not contain sulfide, which can prevent the greening caused by the use of the cobalt catalyst in the unsaturated polyester.
Anti-Drop Silver STW-C Anti-sheding silver STW-C is a special group of modified resin, which can prevent the silver from falling off and turning black, and can improve the film hardness, scratch resistance and gloss.
Hammer Texture Agent WTN-8 Hammer texture agent WTN-8 is the silicon compounds. Added a small amount can make more detailed three-dimensional effect for various aluminum paste coating. The size of the pattern can be changed with the added amount.
Electrostatic Coating Conductive Agent EA-15 Electrostatic coating conductive agent EA-15 can effectively reduce the resistance of the coating, and is suitable for electrostatic coating and anti electrostatic coating.

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